The Top 18 Best and Hottest Pornstars of 2020! [Free Videos]

This list of the best and hottest pornstars doesn’t get any better than this for fellow porn lovers. We’ve started 2020 with a bang (pun totally intended), and it’s time to look at some of the sexiest pornstar girls we love to see get banged the most to see who gets bragging rights.

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First, Why Do People Love Pornstars?

Let’s start off with something simple, as we aim to enlighten you on the public’s affinity for the best pornstars. You see, these hotties appeal to our more fantastical side. If you have the kind of clout and pull that some of the top celebrities in the world do, then you can probably do things like have a threesome on a whim.

The rest of us are not so lucky, so we are quite entertained by seeing some of the dreamiest human beings on the planet get fucked in ways we wish we could do. The love for pornstars comes from a combination of entertainment value, blatant lust, and the ability to see our fantasies realized on screen.

The Top 18 Best and Hottest Pornstars

There are two major factors that we weigh the hottest and sexiest pornstars, as we make our top choices, and these are:

  • Sex appeal – Of course, this one goes without saying. Obviously, if the star turns you on as much as watching paint dry does, then there’d be no point having someone like that on this list.
  • Popularity – This is another big one. We must eliminate subjectivity from this list, so the opinion of the porn-watching public plays a big role. Certain popular websites, such as PornHub, offer a ranking system, and we can weigh these rankings from those sites to see who makes the cut.

Gabbie Carter

This 19-year old Texan stands at a fun-sized 5’ 7”, and she has all the “assets” that we love to see in women as they perform. Gabbie never backs down from a challenge, and so you can expect to see her in just about every kind of video that exists.

The bombshell takes cocks like a champ in all her holes, does some of the best lesbian flicks, and even gives us a peek into her solo time to top it off!

See more of Gabbie Carter at: Brazzers

Lela Star

Lela Star has been the reason for a lot of cum shots, and we’re not just referring to the ones that she causes in her videos. As if she couldn’t do anything to make herself sexier, she decided to get some of the sexiest rear implants known to man.

The 34-year-old embodies the spicy and sexy style associated with her Latina roots, and she’s willing to be as naughty or as nice as anyone she takes on in any of her juicy (yes, we mean it in that way) videos.

See more of Lela Star at: Brazzers

Lana Rhoades

Next on the list is none other than Lana Rhoades, who has cemented herself in our hearts and has caused more than a few cocks to become “cemented” on the way. She never ceases to amaze us, as her professionalism is way beyond her years.

At 5’3”, Lana is the kind of girl whose build is conducive to just about anything you could want to do to her, and she doesn’t take herself overly seriously in the bedroom, which is just awesome!

See more of Lana Rhoades at: PornHub Premium

Cassidy Banks

If you ever wanted your ebony and Caucasian girls to come in one package, look no further than Cassidy Banks. She’s a mixture of both, which gives her a unique and sexy look that you may have withdrawal symptoms from if you don’t see her for too long.

She’s a real trooper, as she’s willing to take on any challenge that is thrown at her, which leaves both us and her fellow stars very satisfied when it’s all over.

See more of Cassidy Banks at: Digital Playground

Riley Reid

You all knew that Riley was on the list, didn’t you? How could she not? A new Riley scene being released gives you a feeling akin to that of your favorite series releasing three new seasons. Her willingness to fuck and her enthusiasm towards everything she does makes her stand head and shoulders above her counterparts.

You never get the feeling that you’re watching a performer, as she brings a sense of genuineness, whether she’s taking on a cock, a pussy, or even herself.

See more of Riley Reid at: PornHub Premium

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova needs no introduction. The 27-year-old has been at this for some time and maintains her title of being one of the sexiest pornstars to ever grace the entertainment medium.

Every time you look at her, you just want to fuck. She is so damn attractive, and you fall under her spell more and more every time you see just how much of a whore she can be. After all, she was badass enough to audition for her first role with her mom watching.

See more of Mia Malkova at: Brazzers

Vina Sky

This 20-year-old is the definition of no limits. She’s been at this since her teen days, and she continues to make us wonder how she does the things she does with that petite, albeit sexy body of hers.

She has a liking for huge cocks, and she treats them like a real slut should. It’s not all about the men though, as she shows the ladies a great time, in her orgasm-inducing lesbian flicks. We’re impatiently looking forward to whatever she brings this year.

See more of Vina Sky at: MOFOS

Elsa Jean

With a nickname like ‘Dream,’ do we really have to say anything more for Elsa? This girl is the reason that you should never judge a book by its cover. At 5’3” and 100 lbs., you’d think that any sexual activity would break her, but it’s quite the opposite.

She’s a former stripper, who has brought a lot to the industry and has garnered a lot of love from lustful cocks around the world. The moment she starts riding one, you simply can’t stop watching.

See more of Elsa Jean at: PornHub Premium

Abella Danger

To no one’s surprise, another top-ranked pornstar made the list. This 19-year old’s last name is a perfect fit, as you need to keep your composure as you watch her. If you don’t, then you’re in danger of cumming much faster than you’d like.

The AVN and XBIZ awardee has displayed some of the sexiest and sluttiest performances ever, and she does whatever her partners want whenever they want. There’s nothing she hasn’t tried, and she can even go into a full split on a cock!

See more of Abella Danger at: Property Sex

Madison Ivy

This 30-year-old German has the honor of being Brazzers’ first-ever female contractor. This was seven years ago, and back then, she was afraid to do anal. You wouldn’t be able to tell now though, as her ass is no stranger to action.

Her tits are huge, and they stand out even more because she’s 4’11”. She’s received XBIZ and AVN awards, she and continues to resonate with our hearts and cocks. Her leg shaking orgasms are to die for!

See more of Madison Ivy at: Brazzers

Lena Paul

Lena’s figure is enough to send you over the edge. Imagine the arousal-inducing combination of a 25-inch waist, a 36-inch ass, and 32DDD boobs! You can find all this and more in Lena. She initially started as a cam girl before making the switch to porn, and we’re happy she did.

She has a little belly and a little more bush than some of her colleagues, as she said she’d never change herself for porn. This only gives her videos a natural feel, and you can see that she enjoys what she does.

See more of Lena Paul at: Team Skeet

Hitomi Tanaka

The name gives away the Japanese ethnicity, but did you expect her to have big boobs too? Her massive tits hang perfectly when she takes it from behind, and when she squirts, you may simply have no control over your hard cock and gaping mouth.

Anyone with half a brain would kill to taste her, and the people who do get to embody the kind of satisfaction you’d expect. She’s one of the hidden gems of porn, but we see her very clearly.

See more of Hitomi Tanaka at: PornHub Premium

Brandi Love

There was no question that Brandi would be on this list. She’s a 46-year old with a top ranking, and it is very well deserved. She’s known for her numerous roles as a milf and a slutty wife in her videos, and she routinely takes part in some of the hottest threesomes in the industry.

Her body is very well-maintained, and there’s no question that she still has a ton of content to offer. Of course, we simply can’t wait for it!

See more of Brandi Love at: Brazzers

Alina Lopez

This 24-year old is known for her amazing body like others are. However, her super-long tongue is a standout feature, and she’s mastered the ability to use it to arouse us all in the best ways possible.

No matter what kind of video she’s in, you can always bet on having a great time, and the pleasure on the face of her co-stars tells you all that you need to know.

See more of Alina Lopez at: Reality Kings

Alex Grey

Alex is just as petite as she is a slut. Her innocent look draws you in, and the things she does in the bedroom keep you there. She’s been killing it in the business, and one look at any of her videos tells you why.

When a girl wakes up daily wet and tingling, as she hopes for morning sex, how can you not enjoy her? We understand if you can barely contain yourself when you watch her please hard cocks and wet pussies.

See more of Alex Grey at: Team Skeet

Who Is the Sexiest Pornstar?

So, after 18 reviews, it’s time to pick our number one, and it’s none other than Riley Reid. We can’t remember another pornstar that held a top spot for as long as Riley did, and she’s not out of contention just yet.

Riley’s sex appeal is through the roof, her popularity as at an all-time high, and the way she makes us quiver with her every action is unmatched. The best part of it is the collected and enthusiastic attitude she brings to her videos, which is not something you see very often.

Who Is the Newest Pornstar?

The 19-year old Gabbie Carter is one of the newest pornstars to the industry for obvious reasons. Be that as it may, she’s started off on the right foot (though we’d love to take her off them). Her attitude is the kind that we like, as she’s always ready for her next challenge, and we’re looking forward to great things from her.

She has a great body, and her demeanor lends itself to an endless supply of sex appeal that makes men fight with their dicks to not cum too quickly. Given some time, who knows how high on the ranking she’ll end up?

Our Final Verdict

While we named Riley Reid as our best and hottest pornstar, she’s not the only star on this list worth watching. That choice was made because we had to choose one. On a normal day, we’d watch all 18 of them, and you can’t go wrong in doing so. In fact, we recommend that you check them all out if you want real satisfaction.

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